Austensibly Austen is a collision of interests - fashion, Jane Austen, Bath, textiles, colour combinations, history and a need to create beautiful attire.

I made gowns and spencers for my first Jane Austen Festival in 2012 - in the simplest designs. Whilst sewing, I constantly found myself daydreaming of another era, a time that I wish I'd been part of.

This year, 2013, I have found myself being far more creative, and have ventured into the realms of the pelisse.

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Since March 2013 my sewing machine has been running flat out, preparing gowns, spencers and all sorts of things for the coming season in Bath.

I am particularly pleased with a new reticule that I have crocheted. You can see it here

My venture for the new year is to produce gowns and accessories for sale. If you're a Regency fan or a Jane Austen fan, call on us again and see what's new.

I love the simplicity of the Regency gown, the way it drapes from it's gathers at the back, the slimline fashion that lends itself to tasteful trimmings.

I love searching out fabrics and trimmings for my gowns, spencers and hats, and enjoy putting together complete outfits.
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When I dress for a Regency occasion, I believe like many others, that I am a time traveller - I have stepped back into that era.