Colin Firth

Time Travel - the only way to do it

Heading for the Departure Lounge on the escalator - I'm the third person up, the one in the long coat. From the moment I arrived at the airport, heads were turning. When we got on the plane, the stewardess that welcomed us onboard wanted to know why I was dressed as a Georgian. I found it quite amusing that whilst I enlightened her with my excitement of the coming event in Bath, other passengers were getting wet as they queued behind me to get on the plane.

I wonder what Jane Austen would have made of this flying business.


It is a truth ...

I think it must be a truth universally acknowledged that any woman in love with Mr Darcy, must be in love with Colin Firth. And so in preparation for the coming season in Bath, I find myself heartily embroidering my latest reticule whilst watching Colin gently stumble with his awkwardness at coming across Elizabeth by the lake - you know, the scene where we all reach for the replay button. The scene with the shirt!

With just a few days to go, I've got time to watch P&P at least another twice.

2 more sleeps

Just two more sleeps before I head off to Edinburgh. I've spent the last few days making lists of what to take to Bath, a whole wardrobe including fans, reticules, shawls, jewellery, shoes and boots, cameras, chargers, journal, glue stix, scissors, sewing kit incase of running repairs - the list is endless.

Glue stix and scissors are an important part of my luggage - I keep a journal and glue in every ticket, programme or menu that I come across. I start my journal when I begin making my gowns. It's more like a scrapbook of ideas, but has enough pages to see me through from initial concepts to my actual time spent in Bath.

I will be at the festival for the full nine days this year, so there will be plenty to write about - I'm looking forward particularly to the harp workshop.

Less than a week to go

With less than a week to go, I can hardly contain myself. I am very excited about my time travel adventure. I will be travelling from Lancaster up to Edinburgh on the train, on Thursday. Then I'll be flying from Edinburgh to Bristol on Friday. I know this may seem a bit odd, travelling up country to then travel down it. But you see, I'm going up to Scotland to meet my cousin and then we're flying down to Bristol together. From there we will catch a train from Bristol to Bath.

I'll will of course be travelling in Regency attire. I'm looking forward to arriving at the airport in my new travelling outfit, grey pelisse, and trimmed ladies top hat.


Preparations for the Jane Austen Festival 2013

With less than three weeks to go until the festival, I'm now trimming reticules and putting the finishing touches to a few bonnets. For this festival, I've made 10 new dresses, (3 of which are evening dresses), 1 new Spencer and 2 Pelisses. I've thoroughly enjoyed sewing and to be honest, if I saw some new fabric now, I'd try to squeeze in the making of yet another dress. I think it is a bit addictive, this dress making malarky. When I see fabric, I see another gown or a new spencer.