The Masked Ball

Two hours I spent, doing my hair. Two hours and two friends to help with the ringlets - I wanted ringlets and lots of them!


And the result was - Ringlets!!


I arrived at the ball and was announced as Miss Nardoni from Frozenoni. After announcing me, the caller leaned over and said in my ear, 'and I don't believe that for one minute', but it is true. Well almost.

As I entered the torch lit Roman Baths where everyone gathered before dancing, I was breathless. It was the most beautiful, eerie, stepping back in time atmosphere. Everyone wore masks, apart from myself. I had come out in such a rush, I was maskless and had had to send a message to my friends, asking them to bring it for me.



I joined up with friends that I had met through the week. There was much chatting, admiring and commenting on gowns, masks and hairstyles. Everyone was there to be seen. And I, in my red dress, felt very satisfied with my attire.