The Promenade

This year's promenade began at the Royal Crescent Gardens. The gathering this year, was huge. Colours and textures poured onto the green in front of the beautiful Georgian houses - there were some stunning outfits, and all I could do was stand and admire. With a few nods of the head, and acknowledgements of people that I had met last year, I meandered up and down the green soaking up the atmosphere. All I could do was stand back and watch. There seemed to be photographers and film makers everywhere - I've never been so photographed in my life before - and I loved it!

With so many Georgians around, it was difficult to imagine that we are really in 2013 - by the end of the day I really believed I had stepped back in time, into another world that I felt very comfortable in. Having left all modern clothes at home, I felt able to settle into this new life, and with another 8 days in which to wear flowing gowns, my imagination began to run away with me.

IMG_0109 IMG_0110